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Rvrwhirler Spinners

The "Rvrwhirler" is Rvrfshr's answer to the question "What spinner should I use for salmon and steelhead?". A heavy plow-face instant rotate design coupled with black chrome terminal parts help make the Rvrwhirler the proper spinner to use in all water types; the Rvrwhirler will dig deep in the trenches, and spin easily in the frogwater. Rvrwhirlers come in four sizes (2,3,4 and 5) and five finishes (brass, gold, silver, copper and black chrome) to run the gamut from small stream trout up to big river steelhead, and from air clear shallow water to the murky depths. Just like the Rvrwaggler spoons, the silver and gold finishes on Rvrwhirlers are real gold and silver finishes, rather than chrome or gold-colored finishes that have none of the reflective capabilities of the real thing. Rvrwhirler spinners come in ten packs of Build Your Own lures, with bodies, blades, shafts, bearings, clevises, split rings, and hooks all included, and all balanced to go together perfectly. We have also added spinner building onto our list of offerings below, so if you want your ten pack built for you make sure you add that service to your order. Price is $1 per spinner, ($10 per ten pack), so make sure you order as many as you need if you'd like us to build your spinners for you! Rvrfshr Facebook Page!

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
rvrwhirler-0021 #3 Black Body w/ Silver Blades (no logo) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0029 #3 - Brass (10 ct.) (No Logo on Blades!)
rvrwhirler-0028 #3 - Black Body/Brass Blade (No Logo on Blades!) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0027 #3 - Brass w/ Silver Blades (no logo) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0026 #3 -Brass Body w/ Black Blades (10 ct.) (No Logo on Blades!)
rvrwhirler-0018 #3 -Silver (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0020 #3 -Silver Body w/ Black Blades (10 ct.) (No Logo on Blades!)
rvrwhirler-0019 #3 -Silver Body w/ Brass Blades (10 ct.) (No Logo on Blades!)
rvrwhirler-0025 #3 - Black (10 ct.) (No Logo on Blades!)
rvrwhirler-0033 #4 - Silver (10 ct.) (No logo on blades!)
rvrwhirler-0035 #4 - Silver Bodies w/ Brass Blades (no logo)(10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0016 #4 - Silver Body/Black Blades (No Logo on blades) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0039 #5 - Brass Bodies w/ Brass Blades (no logo) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0015 #5 - Brass Body/Black Blade (No Logo on Blades)(10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0037 #5 - Silver (no logo on blades!) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0036 #5 - Silver Blade (no logo)/Brass Body(10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0014 #5 - Silver Body/Black Blade (No Logo on Blades)(10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0038 #5 - Silver/Brass Blades (no logo) (10 ct.)
rvrwhirler-0045 Have us build your ten packs! $1 per spinner!
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