Specialty steelhead tackle... Correct in design.

Rvrfshr Products 16621 35th Ave. S. Seatac, WA 98188 admin@rvrfshr.com 425-281-0571 Rvrfshr Products is a collection of specialty steelhead, salmon, and trout tackle designed and built by actual Pacific Northwest river anglers, for anglers that fish anywhere steelhead, salmon, or trout are the objects of the chase. We at Rvrfshr are out on the water testing and refining our gear all the year 'round. Extensive field testing of our tackle is one of the most important aspects of our philosophy; we won't put the Rvrfshr name on anything that hasn't been proven to be a consistent producer for the discriminating river angler. To that end we are always working on new products, or revisions of current products to make sure that Rvrfshr stays ahead of the curve in providing our customers with the best river tackle. When an angler uses our tackle we want them to know that they are giving themselves the best opportunity to make good on their wish to tangle with their preferred species of fish! If you have ideas for new products or revisions of current products, feel free to share them with us. A portion of Rvrfshr's profits will always be donated to wild steelhead protection and enhancement, and we ask that our customers please be responsible when fishing for wild steelhead and release them all unharmed. Fill your freezers with the numerous and tasty hatchery fish that are available, and let the wild ones spawn in the rivers. Please make sure that the packaging that our lures comes in is either re-used, recycled, or at least makes its way into the garbage receptacle...don't leave it or any other litter on our riverbanks...and take a kid fishing and teach them the same things, they are, after all, the future of our sport and passion. For more information regarding wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, please visit the Wild Steelhead Coalition's website at www.wildsteelheadcoalition.org. When you have a good experience with our tackle, please e-mail us stories and pictures to let us know about it! Good luck, and good fishing!