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Rvrwaggler Spoons
Rvrwaggler Spoons
The "Rvrwaggler" is the best designed spoon for salmon and steelhead on the market, bar none. The heavily scooped aft end catches the current quickly for that instantaneous slow wobble that turns steelhead and salmon into hard hitters, while the plowed nose allows for deep penetration of the spoon into the heavy holding water most favored by big steelhead and salmon. Offering a wide selection of colors and finishes, the Rvrwaggler comes in brass, gold, copper, and silver, and painted 50/50 varieties, too. Rvrwagglers are available in weights ranging from 2/5 oz., to 2/3 oz. for fishing the various depths encountered on your favorite steelhead and salmon streams. Just like the Rvrwhirler spinners, the silver and gold finishes on Rvrwagglers are real gold and silver finishes, rather than chrome or gold-colored finishes that have none of the reflective capabilities of the real thing. Rvrwagglers come in ten packs of Build Your Own lures, and all split rings, swivels, and hooks come included and in the proper sizes to balance the spoon perfectly. Rvrfshr Facebook Page!

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
rvrwaggler-0045 2/5 oz - Smooth Brass (10 ct.)
rvrwaggler-0049 1/2 oz - Smooth Gold/Silver 50/50 (10 ct.)
rvrwaggler-0044 2/3 oz - Smooth Copper (10 ct.)
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