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Sickle Hooks
Sickle Hooks
The Sickle Siwash hook is the most effective hook for use in all hardware applicatons, period...far better engineered than the standard "round bend" siwashes that leave lots of wiggle room for fish to wiggle off of a spoon or spinner. These hooks hook and hold like none other. Sizes range from #4 up to 3/0 for use on all Rvrfshr spoons and spinners, from the smallest size 2 Rvrwhirler to the largest 3/4 oz. Rvrwaggler. The Sickle Octopus hooks bring the same fish holding bend to the driftfishing world, and come in sizes ranging from #2's for sidedrifting up to 5/0's for big bait float fishing or salmon rigs in the salt.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
sickle-0016 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #4 (10 ct.)
sickle-0006 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #4 (50 ct.)
sickle-0021 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #3/0 (10 ct.)
sickle-0005 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #3/0 (50 ct.)
sickle-0034 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #5/0 (10 ct.)
sickle-0035 Sickle Siwash Hooks - #5/0 (50 ct.)
sickle-0026 Sickle Octopus Hooks RED - 2/0 (10 ct.)
sickle-0031 Sickle Octopus Hooks RED - 2/0 (50 ct.)
sickle-0033 Sickle Octopus Hooks BLACK - #2/0 (10 ct.)
sickle-0032 Sickle Octopus Hooks BLACK - #2/0 (50 ct.)
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