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Rvrfshr Clearance Items
Rvrfshr Clearance Items
Currently we have available in our Clearance and Closeout Items: Bulk Pricing on Green Rvrworms with white and black tails.
2/5oz. Pink Rvrwagglers, available only during the Humpy season, so get'em while they're hot!
#3 Hootchie Whirlers, also available only during Humpy season! These are the mini version of the same hootchie spinners that kill it on coho in the fall, and they are just as good for humpies in the summer!
You can find pictures and discussion of the pink spoons and mini-hootchie whirlers on our facebook page, linked below!
Check out pictures of the hats and patches at our facebook page at Rvrfshr Facebook Page!
Rvrfshr Facebook Page! ***FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OF $75.00 OR MORE!!***